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Metalloid Corporation offers a comprehensive range of services including private label options, custom formulation capabilities, and laboratory analysis services.

Private Labeling

For over 70 years, Metalloid Corporation has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as a global single source supplier for “green” lubricants and metalworking fluids under private label arrangements. Our cutting-edge lubrication technology is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and innovation. By associating your esteemed brand name and reputation with our products, you can surpass the performance expectations of your end customers. Talk to an Expert!

Custom Formulation

Metalloid Corporation offers unrivaled chemistry that unlocks vast possibilities at the molecular level, resulting in sustainable and tangible outcomes that enhance people's daily lives. Our solutions are integrated into everyday products, driving cleaner movement, smarter creations, and improved living standards. Discover more about our transformative contributions to the world. Talk to an Expert!

Lab Analysis

Metalloid Corporation assists customers in upholding superior product quality, enhancing equipment dependability, and prolonging tool lifespan through our metalworking fluid analysis programs.

The frequency of testing and sampling is determined by factors such as the specific application, machining process (rolling, cutting, or grinding), and the type of metal alloy being machined. With Metalloid Corporation, you can trust that our metalworking fluid testing slate encompasses the necessary tests and follows suitable sampling frequencies to detect potential issues at their earliest stages. Talk to an Expert!

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