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Product Description

Addvance 6170 is an environmentally friendly metal forming lubricant designed to bend fabricated tubing for the HVAC, automotive, aerospace and appliance industries.

Addvance 6170 is an oil free synthetic paste lubricant which tenaciously adheres to both the mandrel and the tube thereby reducing lubricant consumption and messy work areas.

Addvance 6170 is weldable, cleans off easily with only water and protects metal surfaces.

Addvance 6170 is the ideal choice for tube bending and heavy gauge deep drawing and forming operations.

Addvance 6170


  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Cleans off easily using only water
  • High operator acceptance
  • Eliminates smoke and oil residues
  • Versatile – multiple applications
  • Contains no petroleum oil
  • Past lubricant ideally suited to form round
    or square tubing
  • Superior die life
  • Seals metal surfaces to repel moisture
  • Excellent finishes on soft metals
  • Reduces post finishing costs
  • Tenacious film – no replication – "stays where you put it"
  • Cost-effective – low end use cost
  • Biodegradable

Product Applications

  • Bending Stainless and Aluminum Tubing
  • Tube Swaging
  • Deep Drawing Steel Blanks
  • Bending Exhaust Manifolds, Heat Exchangers,
    Fuel Lines, etc.
  • Wire Die Box Drawing
  • Punching/Piercing/Notching
  • End Forming
  • Compound Die Stamping
  • Tube Drawing/Expanding

Directions for Use

Addvance 6170 is usually applied as received to the tube or mandrel before bending. The paste lubricant form enhances application by brushing, swabbing or dipping methods.

Addvance 6170 can be diluted with water for hand spraying.

NOTE: Addvance 6170 can also be thinned by adding small amounts of water directly to the lubricant to achieve desired consistency.




Water Solubility:

Specific Gravity:

White, smooth paste



0.90 – 1.10


Addvance 6170 is available in 5 gal. pails and 55 gal. drums.

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