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METKLEEN 2310 is an alkaline cleaner for high pressure spray washing of steel and stainless steel transportation and food processing equipment. METKLEEN 2310 will remove even the most stubborn built-up contaminants easily and leave the metal surface clean and spot free. METKLEEN 2310 was formulated to clean in hard water and eliminate scale on heating elements, filters and plumbing lines. METKLEEN 2310 the ideal choice for heavy-duty maintenance cleaning of steels and stainless steel where in-process corrosion protection is not required.


  • Heavy-duty cleaning of tenacious contaminants
  • Moderately low foaming to suspend and rinse away particulate matter
  • Rinses easily and completely
  • Excellent wetting properties even at low concentration
  • Cleans well in hard water
  • Leaves no water spots
  • Eliminates scaling
  • Removes burnt oil residues, grease and carbon deposits
  • Economical - Low end use cost

Cleaning Applications

  • Inside of over-the-road tank trucks
  • Food and Beverage processing equipment
  • Truck washing
  • Dairy processing equipment
  • Brewery processing equipment
  • Tank farm cleaning