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METKLEEN 2200 is a liquid, acidic cleaner used to clean, deoxidize, descale and derust metals. METKLEEN 2200 will passivate and pickle metal surfaces to improve paint or plating adhesion. METKLEEN 2200 can be used in “rework operations” to simultaneously clean and derust parts. This cleaner is the ideal choice to remove rust, white rust, weld spatter, heat scale, or other corrosive deposits on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Dissolves scale and surface rust
  • Conditions metal to receive paint without a primer coat
  • Versatile – removes both oils and rust
  • Stable in hard water
  • Deoxidizes steel
  • Pickles steel prior to painting or coating
  • Removes white rust from soft metals
  • Exceedingly long tank life


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