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METKLEEN 2130 is an ultra low temperature cleaner/corrosion preventative for all metals. METKLEEN 2130 can be used as a cleaner in one or two stage spray washers or as a final protective rinse in any spray washer. METKLEEN 2130 will easily remove coolants , stamping lubricants, cutting fluids , lapping compounds and fingerprints from all metal surfaces at low temperatures. METKLEEN 2130 is a two in one product to clean and protect metal. It is the ideal choice when energy and maintenance cost savings are essential


  • Ultra low temperature cleaning – as low as 60°F
  • Cleans zinc, copper, brass, magnesium and aluminum alloys without staining
  • Dual purpose cleaner/corrosion preventative in one product.
  • Non-foaming in all waters
  • Safe – no flash point when mixed with water.
  • Economical – low end use cost
  • Saves energy and reduces heating costs


  • Cleaning- InProcess
  • Cleaning- Spray