METKLEEN 2090 is a low alkaline, aqueous spray wash cleaner for soft metals. The unique surfactant chemistry optimizes detergency and oil “split-out” from the cleaner bath for improved waste treatment. METKLEEN 2090, while aggressive against petroleum based soils is mild on sensitive metals and finishing equipment.


  • Outstanding oil rejection
  • Non-staining on soft metals
  • Easy waste treatment
  • Non-foaming – hard water stable
  • Improves finishes – “Brightens & Cleans”
  • Economical – cleans at low temperatures
  • High operator acceptance – mild on hands and safe to use
  • Compatible with many paint and coating films
  • Rinses off easily without spotting
  • Balanced pH for optimum detergency


  • Cleaning- Immersion
  • Cleaning- InProcess
  • Cleaning- Spray