METGREEN - USDA Certified Biobased Product – 91%

METGREEN is a biodegradable, low VOC, in-process cleaner and lubricant for all metals. METGREEN is a multi-functional product in that it is an in-process cleaner for small parts processing, a lubricant for light duty stamping and cutting, and a penetrating lubricant and release agent. METGREEN is completely botanical in composition and contains less than 5% VOC’s. METGREEN is a safe alternative to mineral spirits, alcohol, d’limonene, or other aliphatic or aromatic solvents.


  • High flashpoint > 300ºF
  • Safer than petroleum solvents
  • FDA approved for in-direct food contact
  • Water rinsable
  • Multi-functional –cleaner/lubricant/penetrant/mold releaseagent
  • Low evaporative emissions (< 0.005 @ 76ºF)


  • Cleaning- Immersion
  • Cleaning- Maintenance


  • USDA BioPreferred