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METDRAW 6640 is a heavy-duty, bio-renewable tube bending lubricant for all metals.  METDRAW 6640 is oil free and employs only natural and bio-degradable ingredients.  It is formulated to bend stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminum and copper alloys of all tube diameters and wall thicknesses.  The lubricant film can be removed easily with water or low alkaline cleaners.


  •    Hydrodynamic, boundary and extreme pressure lubrication in one product.
  •    Ideal for tough bends on exotic alloys.
  •    Multi-metal lubrication:  stainless steels, coated metals and aluminum alloys.
  •    Maximizes tool and die life.
  •    Ultra low surface tension insures metal wetting and coverage.
  •    Safe – No hazardous materials, oil, solvents or flammability hazards.
  •    Cleans off easily – high detergency maximizes cleaning efficiency.
  •    Protects metals from humidity, red and white rusts and galvanic staining.


  • Bending
  • Tube- Bending
  • Tube- End-Forming