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METDRAW 5130-HV is a synthetic drawing lubricant designed to form “seamless” tube from all metals. The lubricant offers the ultimate in die life and hydrodynamic separation available. METDRAW 5130-HV is applicable in plug drawing, sinking or mandrel drawing processes. The high viscosity of METDRAW 5130-HV reduces wear and friction especially during multiple draws. METDRAW 5130-HV is completely anneable and ashless. METDRAW 5130-HV is compatible with steel, aluminum, copper or brass tubing and well suited to form large or small diameters.


  • Draws all metals
  • 100% anneable
  • Hydrophobic film is impervious to humidity and moisture
  • High speed drawability (3.0 meters/second)
  • Low surface finishes/non-staining
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Draws diameters from half inch to 10 inches in light or heavy wall tubing
  • Suitable for all post heat treatments
  • Excellent “carry thru” for multiple draws
  • Excellent friction modification and antiwear properties


  • Tube- Bending
  • Tube- Drawing
  • Tube- End-Forming
  • Tube- Expanding
  • Wiredrawing- Wet