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METCOR 62 is an indoor, long-term corrosion preventative for all metals. METCOR 62 deposits a light, oily film that is “hydrophobic” to water and high humidity conditions. The deposited film is adaptable and not affected by changes in atmospheric temperature or relative humidity.


  • Long term indoor protection
  • Excellent penetrating and wetting properties
  • Resists moisture and humidity
  • Water displacing
  • Fast drying, dry to the touch, non-gumming film protection
  • Easy to use – no mixing or measuring
  • Easy to clean off
  • Clear film for optimal part identification
  • Weldable residue
  • Fingerprint neutralizer
  • Can apply to machined parts directly without adverse effect from coolant residues.


  • Dipping parts after cleaning for in-process protection
  • Protecting parts for long-term storage or during shipping
  • Final protective step in tube mill or rollforming operations