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METCOR 60 is an oil-free, water-based corrosion preventative for in-process rust protection on steels and cast irons. METCOR 60 deposits a dry, mono-molecular film on metal surfaces. This protective film is clear and provides excellent short-term, indoor corrosion resistance.


  • Economical-Water Dilutable
  • Environmentally & Operator Friendly
  • Non-hazardous (no oil or solvent)
  • No Flash Point
  • Safe (non-flammable)
  • Easy To Remove Or Clean Off
  • Clear Film (easy part inspection)
  • Biodegradable/Non-Toxic
  • Long Tank Life
  • Can be painted over with some paints
  • Prevents “White Rust” On Aluminum


  • Final rinse stage in cleaner lines
  • In-process rust protection of parts
  • Rust protection after machining
  • Dip tank coating
  • Protect parts during transit
  • Sealer prior to painting or coating
  • Anywhere short-term rust protection is required