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Product Description

Swisskut 8910 is a high-performance, chlorine free cutting and grinding fluid that is formulated with highly refined synthetic base stocks along with a unique blend of additives that have exceptional lubricating and extreme pressure performance to extend tool life, maximize productivity while meeting exacting surface finish and dimensional tolerances.

Swisskut 8910 delivers exceptional resistance to oxidation for superior stability and filterability, and it provides world class performance for CNC machinery, including Swiss-automatic lathes, and is ideally suited for high productions shops in operations machining tough materials such as stainless steels, titanium, high-temperature alloys and other difficult to machine materials.

Swisskut 8910


  • Reduces machine deposits
  • Improved tool life
  • Improved fluid life


API Gravity:



Flash Point, COC:


40.2 (@70ºF)

9.8 (40ºC, cSt)

58 (@100ºF, SUS)

382 (ºF), 200 (ºC)


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