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Product Description

METCHEM 6020 is a bio-stable synthetic machining and grinding coolant for any alloy except for magnesium.

METCHEM 6020 is a neutral pH premium synthetic, designed to be more acceptable by workers. This coolant provides exceptional fine settling, rust protection, visibility, and cleanliness.

METCHEM 6020 can be used in individual sumps and central systems.

METCHEM 6020 is designed specifically for demineralized water and does not contain: chlorinated EP additives, sulfur, mineral oil, secondary amines, boron, nitrites, or formaldehyde releasing agents.

Metchem 6020


  • Exceptional rust protection
  • Exceptional surface finishes
  • Low foam profile
  • Neutral pH for reduced skin irritation
  • Outstanding fine settling and tramp oil rejection
  • Clear fluid that resists color change to ensure good visibility



Specific Gravity:

Refractometer Factor:


Clear, Colorless

1.066 (@70ºF)


7.8 (@1:10)


METCHEM 6020 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gallon drums or 330 gal. totes.

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