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Product Description

Synsol 7150 is a light to medium-duty machining and grinding coolant.

Synsol 7150 is a unique blend of biodegradable lubricants designed for use on aluminum, cast iron and steel alloys. This coolant provides exceptional fine settling, rust protection and detergency to most metals.

Synsol 7150 can be used in individual sumps and central systems.

Synsol 7150 does not contain petroleum oil, chlorine or sulfur.

Synsol 7150


  • Non-staining on all aluminum alloys
  • Exceptional rust protection on steel surfaces
  • Low foam profile for use at even the highest pressures
  • Clean running coolant that offers good visibility
  • Long tool life and high surface finishes
  • Exceptional sump life with high reserve alkalinity
  • Outstanding fine settling properties




Specific Gravity:

Refractive Index Factor:

Clear Amber Liquid

9.4 (10%)

1.03 (@ 70ºF)



Synsol 7150 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, and 330 gal. totes.

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