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Product Description

FinWorks 1065 is a versatile light viscosity medium/heavy-duty evaporative fin stamping lubricant. The unique lubricity package of FinWorks1065 draws a wide range of collar heights, ranging from 4 F.P.I. up to 22 F.P.I.

FinWorks 1065 is virtually dry to the touch and will not interfere with brazing.

FinWorks 1065 is multi-metal safe.

FinWorks 1065


  • Outstanding tool life and lubricity
  • Light residue
  • Non-staining
  • Odorless
  • Low viscosity
  • Multi-metal safe
  • Ashless residue
  • Easily removed in aqueous wash systems

Directions for Use

FinWorks 1065 is used as received. It may be sprayed, dipped, wiped, misted or brushed on.



Flash Point:

Density, lbs/gal:

Clear, Odorless Liquid

145ºF (TCC)



FinWorks 1065 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, 330 gal. totes, and bulk gallon quantities.

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