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Product Description

Metcore 57 Gun Boar Cleaner instantly cleans firearm bores to a “mirror finish” without creating a mess, noxious odors or excessive residue build-up. In just one application, this product cleans, lubricates, and protects your firearm’s bore and any other metal surface it contacts. This unique formulation dries instantly sealing the bore’s metal surface from moisture and humidity for long-term indoor storage.

Metcor 57


  • High detergency removes metal fouling, conventional or black powder residues and surface rust
  • Water displacing properties eliminate the need to pre-dry the bore
  • Long-term indoor rust protection can last years
  • Sportsman friendly – easy to apply and work with
  • Multifunctional – protects, cleans, lubricates and removes surface rust from old firearms
  • Penetrates and seals hard to get at areas of your firearm
  • Rapid drying without creating heavy residues

Product Applications

  • Cleaning the bores and outside surfaces of firearms … or any metal surface
  • Loosening metal corroded metal parts
  • Lubricating slides, actions, chains, or any moving part
  • Removing surface rust from old or neglected firearms
  • Protecting firearms in the field or for long-term indoor storage

Directions for Use

FOR INTERNAL OR BORE TREATMENT: Apply a few drops sufficient to saturate a gun patch and/or bore brush and insert in bore with a cleaning rod with a scrubbing motion.

FOR EXTERNAL FIREARM TREATMENT: Apply a few drops to a gun patch, cloth or absorbent cotton and rub over entire metal surface of firearm. The metal’s sheen will indicate the amount of coverage.

FOR RECESSED PARTS: Apply a few drops directly to the recessed area and allow Metcor 57 Gun Bore Cleaner’s wetting properties to penetrate the area.


Gun Bore Cleaner is available in refillable 2 oz. pumps.

Industries: Firearms

Applications: Cleaner, Lubricant, Water Dispersing

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