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Product Description

Green Gun Oil is a breakthrough in the composition, benefits, and performance of firearm maintenance products. This revolutionary product employs “green chemistry” with natural ingredients to lubricate, clean, condition, and protect metal surfaces on firearms and other metallic sports equipment.

Green Gun Oil eliminates the need for multiple products.

Green Gun Oil offers the environmentally conscious sportsman an alternative to messy petroleum based oils and solvents with odors that linger on your firearm.

Green Gun Oil is formulated with regard to people and our environment. The product uses American made bio-degradable, bio-renewable, and bio-sustainable ingredients.

Green Gun Oil


  • Lubricates, cleans, conditions, and protects
  • Restores sheen to old and dull metal surfaces
  • Removes powder and metal fouling from bores
  • Protects firearms from humidity and corrosion in the field
  • Protects firearms during long-term indoor storage
  • Kind to the environment and to the sportsman use
  • Camouflaged odor does not alert game to sportsman’s presenc
  • Effective inside or outside of firearm
  • Safe on all metals and alloys, including nickel
  • Lubricates moving parts – safety, action, sights

Product Applications

Green Gun Oil is economical to use due to its low viscosity and high detergency properties. A little goes a long way! The product can be used for lubrication and conditioning of pistols, shotguns, long rifles, and black powder firearms; fishing reels and rods, stone knife honing, precision instruments, clock gears and other mechanisms.

Directions for Use

FOR EXTERNAL FIREARM TREATMENT: Apply a few drops to a gun patch, cloth or absorbent cotton and rub over entire metal surface of firearm. The metal’s sheen will indicate the amount of coverage.

FOR INTERNAL OR BORE TREATMENT: Apply a few drops sufficient to saturate a gun patch and/or bore brush and insert in bore with a cleaning rod with a scrubbing motion.

FOR RECESSED PARTS: Apply a few drops directly to the recessed area and allow Green Gun Oil’s wetting properties to penetrate the area.


Green Gun Oil is available in individual refillable 2 oz. pumps and cases of refillable 2 oz. pumps. Also available in pints for refilling 2 oz. pumps.

Industries: Firearms

Applications: Conditioning, Lubrication

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