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Product Description

Bore Shield was designed to protect the firearms of today’s water-fowler. The protective film it deposits on your firearm is odorless and resists wind, rain and snow conditions. Formulated with natural ingredients to compliment the duck or upland game hunter’s surroundings, it leaves no fingerprint on the precious environment. Finally, a product for hunter’s manufactured by hunters who care!

Boar Shield


  • Penetrates and seals firearms and metal surfaces against humidity and moisture
  • Lubricates and cleans steel, brass, aluminum or galvanized metals easily and safely
  • Safely lubricates firearm safety switch and slide mechanisms
  • Dries rapidly and leaves no tell-tale odors or residue
  • Environmentally friendly “green” formulation safe for us and the world we share

Directions for Use

  1. Spray a light film of Bore Shield over the entire metal surface of your firearm, including sights and trigger guard.
  2. Allow the protective film to dry prior to entering the field.
  3. For additional protection “swab-out” the bore of your firearm with a cleaning patch saturated with Bore Shield.


Bore Shield is available in 2 oz. pumps.

Industries: Firearms

Applications: Lubricant, Water Dispersing

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