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Product Description

Metcor 57 is a solvent based corrosion preventative for long-term indoor protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metcor 57 is fast drying, water displacing, and non-staining. The deposited dry film “seals off” metal surfaces from moisture and humidity on contact.

Metcor 57 is ideally suited to protect corrosive sensitive metals and alloys.

Metcor 57


  • Long term indoor protection
  • Excellent penetrating and wetting properties
  • Resists moisture and humidity
  • Fingerprint neutralizer
  • Multi-metal safe
  • Fast drying, non-gumming film protection
  • Easy to use – no mixing or measuring
  • Easy to clean off
  • Clear film for optimal part identification
  • Economical – low end use cost

Product Applications

  • Protects coil, bar, tube and sheet stock
  • Protects dies, tools, machine surfaces
  • Protects gauges, files and hand tools
  • Protects sensitive case iron parts
  • Protects all moving parts
  • Prevents "flash rusting"
  • Protects shipped or stored
  • Use for long-term protection

Directions for Use

Metcor 57 is used as received. Application methods include spraying, brushing, rolling or dip tank.




Water Solubility:

Flash Point:



Clear Amber Liquid



150º-160º F

Long term 6 mo - 1 year indoors



Metcor 57 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, 330 gal. totes, and bulk.

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