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Product Description

Sump Cleaner 2420 is a heavy-duty sump cleaner and general maintenance cleaner, and it is an excellent choice to remove the toughest oils, greases and shop soils. The cleaning process is an important first step in proper coolant maintenance process, and this high detergency, hard surface cleaner simultaneously cleans and deodorizes the most heavily soiled sumps with a combination of unique wetting agents and enhanced detergency that penetrates even the toughest soil while it kills bacterial and fungal growth to make sure that your coolant gives you long life and maximum performance with minimal problems.

Sump Cleaner 2420


  • Sterilizes systems for proper coolant charge
  • Cleans without agitation, as is a soak tank
  • Effective when used hot or cold
  • Non-flammable
  • Low use rates, from 2-4 percent

Directions for Use

Please refer to the product Coolant Cleanout Procedure and SDS for safe use recommendations as well as essential protective equipment.




Specific Gravity:

Weight, lbs/gal:

Clear Yellow Fluid

11.7 (2% solution)

1.12 (@ 60ºF)


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