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Product Description

Metkleen 2480 is a neutral pH rust removing solution, which works quickly to remove oxidation on ferrous metals. Neutral pH provides a less irritating and less aggressive way to remove oxidation.

Metkleen 2480 can be used in a spray and wipe off application, or in a heated recirculating immersion tank.

Metkleen 2480


  • Formulated for industrial or personal use
  • Low use rates for most applications
  • Effective when used hot or at room temperature
  • Non-flammable
  • Economical
  • Neutral pH

Directions for Use

Metkleen 2480 is designed to be used as-is, but can be cut 1:1 with water for light rust removal.

Metkleen 2480 is designed for temperatures ranging from room temperature to 150ºF in dip tank applications. When used in dip/immersion tanks it is best to have the bath recirculating to help remove rust on the interior of parts.



pH (Neat):

Specific Gravity:

Pounds per Gallon:

Colorless Clear Liquid

6.8 – 7.2



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