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Product Description

Metkleen 2150 is a high alkaline, aqueous cleaner for ferrous metals that require removal of difficult soils and/or oils at low temperature.

Metkleen 2150 neutralizes and lifts even the toughest water insoluble oils, greases and shop soils.

Metkleen 2150 is the ideal choice to replace solvent cleaners and the hazards associated with their use.

Metkleen 2150


  • Versatile – used in multiple cleaning processes
  • Low temperatures – cost effective cleaning
  • Non-foaming – high wetting formulation
  • Outstanding oil splitting properties
  • Heavy-duty, high detergency, and fast acting
  • Safe on steel, stainless, copper, brass, magnesium and titanium
  • Removes heavy drawing lubricants, greases, carbon deposits, etc.

Cleaning Processes

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Rotary barrel cleaning
  • Hot tank cleaning
  • Coil cleaning
  • Engine parts cleaning
  • Pretreatment cleaning

Directions for Use

Metkleen 2150 is typically used in solution with water between 1% to 10% depending on soil composition, water temperature, dwell time and application method. Corrosion prevention is necessary to protect the freshly cleaned metal surfaces. Increasing water temperature accelerates soil removal. Metkleen 2150 was formulated for low temperature cleaning between 60° to 180° F. Hard or soft waters can be used for make-up without adverse effect on performance.




Water Solubility:

pH (concentrate):

Flash Point:

Specific Gravity:

Colorless Clear Liquid







Metkleen 2150 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, 330 gal. totes, and bulk.

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