WIREDRAWING – WireWorks Technologies

Metalloid applied their expertise in botanical technologies to manufacture “green” wiredrawing lubricants and products that are safe for us and the world we share. This revolutionary technology was specifically developed as an alternative to soap powder drawing lubricants. Our WireWorks line of wiredrawing lubricants do no rely on soap powders, petroleum oils, or greases! Our formulations employ natural, biodegradable ingredients to draw copper, galvanized, aluminum and cladded wires. WireWorks products are available in solid, liquid or paste formulations that are biodegradable and free of hazardous materials. Several of our lubricants in our WireWorks line carry an USDA Biopreferred certification.

What metalworking applications can benefit from using Metalloid’s WIreWorks products:

  • Copper Wiredrawing
  • Steel Tube Drawing
  • Galvanized Wiredrawing
  • Bar turning
  • Carbon Steel Wiredrawing
  • Cladded Wiredrawing
  • Coldheading
  • Wire Rolling
  • Copper Tube Drawing
  • Wire Forming
  • Aluminum Tube Endforming

How can the use of Metalloid’s WireWorks products benefit your operation?

  • Eliminate cleaning prior to annealing
  • Eliminate dust and air filtration equipment
  • Drastically improve corrosion protection over any soap or powder
  • Eliminate petroleum oils, graphite, moly and other dirty and hazardous products
  • Provide a safer and cleaner work environment
  • Use American made products that are biodegradable, biorenewabe and biosustainable that are safe for us and the world we share

Check out our Wiredrawing Brochure.