Metalloid has the specialized lubricant technology you need for medical and aerospace applications.   We have solutions for the critical components that must withstand a wide range of temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments.  Our lubricant offerings include high pressure coolants formulated to machine a wide range of alloys uses in the industry.  Our microlubricant technology is formulated to apply precise, minimum quantities of lubricant through custom designed spray systems.   We are your one source – cutting edge solution for a wide range of applications to the aerospace and medical industry.

Lubricant Solutions for Medical/Aerospace

Botanical and Synthetic Cutting Fluids:  Swiss cutting fluids for machining of stainless steels, titanium and cobalt alloys, and ceramic materials.

Botanical and Synthetic High Pressure Coolants:  Water-based coolants for CNC machining and grinding applications.

Minimum Quantity Lubricants (MQL):  For precise applications through custom made spray systems that limit lubricant consumption and enhance part finish.

EDM Fluids:  For electrical discharge machining of exotic metals with high tensile strengths.

Specialty “Green” Maintenance Lubricants:  Way lubricants, Gear Bearing Lubricants and Greases for machine and equipment maintenance.

Specialty Cleaners:  To clean and condition precision metal components.

Corrosion Preventatives:  To protect metal surfaces from oxidation, humidity and surface discoloration.