HVAC – Finnworks Technologies

Metalloid’s FinWorks business has grown continually over the last 15 years and today Metalloid is a global leader in HVAC & R manufacturing lubricant technology. Metalloid continues to meet and exceed the standards in the industry relative to VOC’s, petroleum based fluids and or “vanishing” lubricants. We specialize in reducing fluid waste through fluid chemistry and equipment application.

Our FinWorks product are used in the following HVAC & R applications:

  • Fin Stamping
  • Tube cut-off
  • Tube expanding
  • Coil cleaning
  • Tube bending
  • End forming

What benefits does Metalloid’s FinWorks technology provide:

  • FinWorks technology is used exclusively by and recommended by Burr Oak Tool
  • Meets FDS & NSF Requirements
  • Compatible with most industry coatings
  • Environmental formulations for geographic areas
  • VOC free products
  • Eliminates formicary corrosion
  • Outstanding product shelf life
  • Outstanding wetting and water displacing properties
  • Lubricant applicators to minimize waste