Firearms and Sporting Technologies

Metalloid Manufacturers a full line of gun maintenance products that are environmentally safe.  Our products are formulated with American made ingredients that are environmentally safe for us and the world we share.  Several of our firearm maintenance products are USDA BIOPREFERRED certified.  These products will keep your firearms clean and in top working condition.

Our Solutions for Firearms Maintenance Include:

Green Gun Oil:
To clean, lubricate all metal surfaces on your firearms

METCOR 57 Bore Cleaner:
To clean and protect the bore of your firearm

Green Stock Oil:
To preserve and condition natural wood gun stocks and other wood surfaces

Green Leather Oil:
To preserve and condition leather gun slings, cartridge cases, ammo belts, and other leather goods.

Green Gun Grease:
To lubricate moving gun parts, such as slide or lever actions, safety catches, and other mechanisms

Botanical Hand Cleaner:
To clean your hands with an odorless natural hand cleaner with the sportsman in mind


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