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Sturgis, Michigan ~ Metalloid Corporation, metalworking fluids manufacturer, has acquired AccroLube from Accro-Seal Inc, Vicksburg, Michigan, manufacturers of High Temperature Polyurea grease with PTFE.

The acquisition of Accrolube fits into Metalloid Corporation strategy to better serve our current and expand our customer portfolio. By purchasing AccroLube, this product line will increase and diversify Metalloid’s already expansive metalworking fluids to also now include AccroLube. This will allow Metalloid Corporation to offer customers a specially formulated Polyurea grease with PTFE.

About AccroLube

Accrolube High Temperature Polyurea grease is a premium, high performance grease, designed for extending service life for industrial applications over a wide operating temperature range. This advanced, shear stable thickening system is designed to reduce oil separation at elevated temperatures. In addition, this thickening system does not contain any heavy metals that will act as a catalyst for oxidation. This will result in a longer life lubricant in the application and be friendly to the environment.

Accrolube High Temperature Polyurea grease is formulated with the right base oil viscosity to provide excellent film strength at elevated temperature. This will help protect parts from friction and wear. The product is formulated with highly refined mineral oil to help extend the life of the lubricant. To enhance the performance properties of the grease, lubricating solids, (PTFE) are added to the grease to help reduce the coefficient of friction in the application.

Applications- Automotive, Mold Release, Pneumatic Cylinders, Gears, Bearings, Jack Screws, Hydraulic & Industrial Equipment, Valves, and Marine Equipment.

About Metalloid Corporation

Our goal is to provide trouble-free products that will contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of your company. The proper selection and application of metalworking fluids can result in increased productivity, reduced waste and down time, and lower cost in your manufacturing operation. Metalloid offers superior products formulated with consideration for the environment, health and safety. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products backed by experienced technical support personnel who ensure that our customers’ needs are met. The quality of every product and shipment is controlled to assure uniformity and consistency. Our quality control staff works closely with production personnel to ensure quality products and on-time delivery for customers.

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