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Metalloid manufacturers a full line of gun maintenance products that are environmentally safe. Our products are formulated with American made ingredients that are environmentally safe for us and the world we share. Several of our firearm maintenance products are USDA BioPreferred certified. These products will keep your firearms clean and in top working condition.
Product Description TDS SDS
Boar Shield Bore Shield was designed to protect the firearms of today’s water-fowler. The protective film it deposits on your firearm is odorless… TDS SDS
Green Gun Oil Green Gun Oil is a breakthrough in the composition, benefits, and performance of firearm maintenance products. This revolutionary… TDS SDS
Green Leather Oil Green Leather Oil is a leather conditioner and cleaner made from only natural and biodegradable ingredients with the sportsman… TDS SDS
Green Stock Oil Wood Conditioner
Green Stock Oil is a botanically derived gun stock conditioner for hunters, gunsmiths, target shooters and sports enthusiasts.…
Metcor 57 Gun Boar Cleaner
Metcore 57 Gun Boar Cleaner instantly cleans firearm bores to a “mirror finish” without creating a mess, noxious odors or excessive…
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