In business since 1951, Metalloid manufactures trouble-free technology to the metalworking industry with a focus on providing quality products and service that will increase productivity and profitability. We do this by performing a thorough survey of your operation to match the right product to your application. We compliment our products with services such as training seminars, in-plant surveys, and the resources of our state of the art metalworking laboratory. In addition to traditional metalworking fluids, Metalloid offers a complete range of “green” metalworking fluids that are friendly to us and the world we share.


Biodegradable products are friendly to us and the world we share. These products breakdown quickly through natural processes that yield harmless by products such as water and carbon dioxide. Unlike petroleum oil, Styrofoam and aluminum cans, biodegradable products are made of natural resources such as plants, animal byproducts and minerals that breakdown quickly to enrich the environment.


Bio-Sustainable products can be replenished because they use natural substances that are plentiful and cost effective for the efficiency of our economy on a long term basis. Examples of common Bio-Sustainable products is the use of more organic fertilizer to sustain and perpetuate the biosphere which is our planet.


Bio-Renewable products can be replenished with the passage of time, unlike oil, natural gas and diesel, which may run out one day. Bio-Renewable products are a part of our earth’s natural environment. They reduce air pollution, soil contamination, land degradation and animal habitat destruction.


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