Cleaner & Surface Technologies

Metalloid’s METKLEEN cleaner line is designed to remove soils in any application and on any metal.  We manufacture alkaline cleaners, acid cleaners, emulsion cleaners, and “green” cleaners.  We do not manufacture solvent or chlorinated solvent cleaners in concert with our commitment to the environment and the world we share.

What cleaning processes can benefit from using Metalloid’s METKLEEN cleaners?

Tunnel washing
Finishing lines
Hot tank cleaning
Vibratory cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Electro cleaning
Metal plating
Rework processing
Hard surface cleaning
Maintenance cleaning
Sanitation & Personal Hygient – Handwashing Cleaners

How can the use of Metalloid METKLEEN cleaners benefit your operation?

Metalloid will clean your parts in our metalworking laboratory before your start-up production
Metalloid’s low temperature and high detergency cleaners lower energy and chemical costs
Metalloid’s cleaners are safer and have broad operator acceptance
Metalloid supplies the right cleaner to remove your lubricant or soil the first time!
Metalloid has a proven track record of cleaning parts in many industries
Metalloid has the cleaner technology that is designed to work with any lubricant