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METKLEEN 2080 is a low alkaline, all purpose cleaner for all metals with uncommonly high detergency and soil suspending properties. METKLEEN 2080 is the ultimate choice for vibratory cleaning due to its low surface tension surfactants and high detergency builders. METKLEEN 2080 contains a “built-in” rust protection package to protect parts and media during processing.


  • Exceptional wetting and rinsing properties
  • Outstanding in-process rust prevention
  • No foam when hot – low foam when cold
  • Excellent “soil suspending” properties
  • Safe on the most sensitive metals
  • Economical – cleans at low temperatures
  • Unique oil splitting characteristics
  • Non-hazardous – safe – mild
  • Non-chelating – easy to treat for waste disposal


  • Cleaning- Immersion
  • Cleaning- InProcess
  • Cleaning- Spray
  • Cleaning- Vibratory