A Message From Metalloid for Our Customers

First, I hope that all of you and your families are safe wherever you are.

Those of us in “essential” businesses are either working from home or actually going into a plant or office and doing our very best to stay safe. Many items we need are in short supply. I wanted all of you to know that Metalloid is also considered an “essential” business and we do our best to keep the economy moving and provide the goods and services America needs. Our employees in quality control and in manufacturing are working every day to get the specialty chemical products out the door to keep things moving for your businesses and our economy.

One of the items in short supply is “antibacterial soap.” According to the FDA (see link below) they inform us that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than washing with plain soap and hot water. In fact, according to the FDA, some of the ingredients in antibacterial soap used over a long period or frequently have a potential negative effect on health. Further, antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizer are NO SUBSTITUTE for thorough hand washing.

Metalloid has an environmentally safe, “green” alternative to harsh antibacterial soaps – ADDVANCE BOTANICAL HAND CLEANER. Many of you are using this product in your facilities. ADDVANCE BOTANICAL HAND CLEANER carries a certification from the US Department of Agriculture – “USDA Certified Bio-Based Product.” This product is safe and effective when used with hot water and thorough hand washing. The CDC has a video with instructions for effective hand washing. http://www.cdc.gov

FDA LINK regarding antibacterial soaps: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/antibacterial-soap-you-can-skip-it-use-plain-soap-and-water

ADDVANCE BOTANICAL HAND CLEANER is available and in stock for you. Stay safe!

Metalloid can help with your manufacturing needs – from lubricants to hand soap – One Source … One Solution … One World … Now more than Ever Before!

— Richard (Rick) Strapple, VP Sales/Marketing

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