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With over 15 years of continuous improvement in real-world, high production environments, FinWorks Technology have defi ned the leading edge of HVACR manufacturing. The FinWorks products are increasing production volumes while eliminating environmental concerns such as VOC and waste. Our non-VOC synthetics are formulated with consideration for safety, health and the environment. Our goal is to eliminate petroleum based fl uids such as vanishing and
oil based fl uids thus eliminating dependence on petroleum oil.

The FinWorks products include fi n stamping, tube & expanding, straight tube cut-off, end forming fluids and coil cleaners.

  • Burr Oak Tool recommended
  • Environmentally focused products
  • Built in corrosion protection
  • Low acid forming products
  • Water dispersion properties
  • Coating compatibility
  • Meets FDA NSF requirements
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Adjustable water aluminum contact angles
  • Resistance to bacteria, fungus, mold growth
  • Non VOC
  • Low volume applicators

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