Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Story #1:

Large Prototype Stamper Greater Detroit Area.

The company was using a petroleum based, highly chlorinated straight oil in his single hit hydraulic presses for deep drawing 1/4" thick steel parts. Downstream, they had a difficult time washing the straight oil off the part before laser cutting. 

The company changed to one of our botanical water soluble products, Addvance 6800 and is now laser cutting his parts without having to wash them.

The company is also now using our product watered down for his general single hit 1/8" steel stamping applications.


Success Story #2:

While meeting with an existing customer, they pointed out a high speed chop saw pushing 2500 to 3500 RPMs they used only for 6063-t25 aluminum.  This saw was surrounded by plastic sheets on a railing (picture a small room made of shower curtains) to try to contain the aluminum flakes from going everywhere.  They were curious if Metalloid had a system that could help them apply a lubricant to keep blade life.  Their current system included having an employee use a spray bottle to apply the lubricant while dodging the aluminum flakes.  After looking at their process it was clear that Metalloid could help solve their problem by providing them with a misting system that could apply the lubricant directly onto the saw, reducing the potential hazards to the employee and reducing the amount of product that would was needed.  The customer bought the system that was recommended, and are now using it with our Microlube ML-700 mixed with 50% water and have had no issues with the system, or the lubricant since the install. They are very happy about the fact that they don’t have anyone spraying lubricant on the blade while getting blasted in the face with aluminum flakes.